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The BookAgri Farmers Market

7 Jul 2017
the Country Riding Center of Jordan in Ja’lad near As-Salt

The BookAgri Farmers Market, opening on 7th July, is a new Friday market at the Country Riding Center of Jordan in Ja’lad near As-Salt, which offers fresh farm produce and homemade dairy products, preserves and more supplied by the farming communities of rural As-Salt. Bring your family and spend a fun Friday morning at the BookAgri Farmers Market where you can enjoy horse-riding, walks, children’s activities, food shopping and special breakfast and lunch menus with dishes made from market ingredients fresh from the farm.

Supporting the BookAgri Farmers Market supports local farms, small farming communities and families. This effort is part of an initiative by Al-Marj Development and Training Company, supported by USAID BEST, to develop agritourism in villages in the governorate of Al Balqa. Al Marj works with local farmers to developf agri-tourism experiences and products offered at local farms. Each farm specializes in different goods and services ranging from producing dairy products and honey to harvesting zaatar, sumac, olives and berries. Al-Marj created as a brand and platform where the local farmer’s products and experiences can be found easily.

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