Strengthening legal and institutional capacities

The adoption of the NTS in 2005 was a major milestone, defining a common vision for tourism development. MoTA is committed to its implementation; however, Jordan’s tourism industry is lacking policy coherence and coordination mechanisms necessary to facilitate more rapid private sector-led growth. To achieve optimum results, a public-private policy formulation and implementation framework must be developed to secure the support of all key stakeholders. This requires a focused national effort to institute an enabling legal and regulatory environment that facilitates integrated and innovative tourism development, fosters investment in people, infrastructure, and themed tourism products, and promotes quality development to protect Jordan’s cultural, archaeological, and natural resources.

This initiative will focus on the following three main areas:

Enhance Tourism Competitiveness Policy and Implementation.
Strengthen Institutional Capacity.
Supporting Legal and Regulatory Reform.

This work will ensure institutions and policies are in place to facilitate implementation of the NTS, thus strengthening legal, regulatory, and institutional capacities.