Gender and environment

JTDII will holistically address issues of environmental and gender sensitivity and ensure their integration into the planning and execution of all project activities while leveraging external funding, working toward a common goal with partners, and funding productive grants; this cross-cutting initiative will lead these efforts. With tourism boom it is critical to partner with the industry in an aggressive campaign to safeguard Jordan’s natural assets and mitigate pressures from the anticipated increase in visitor arrivals. JTDII will support tourism industry partners as well as key partner organizations in incorporating environmental best practices in their enterprises so as to upgrade their environmental performance. In addition, Gender integration considerations, awareness, and education are key focus areas that JTDII will be tackling across the project’s various activities and initiatives. The role of gender in tourism development is critical, as it is for Jordan's overall socio-economic growth, taking into consideration that tourism development and socio-economic growth have an inter-dependant relationship.