Destination and product marketing

Today’s tourism industry is customer-centric and experience-based: visitors’ behavior is researched and customized travel services are developed to meet consumers’ preferences. Source market tour operators and travel agents are developing sophisticated new marketing techniques for segment and lifestyle groups. Unless Jordan employs equally sophisticated tourism marketing, research, and communication techniques, it will lose ground in this increasingly competitive tourism marketplace.

The USAID/Jordan Tourism Development Project II's marketing approach focuses on four main areas:
Support GoJ, MoTA, JTB and the industry to improve capacity in destination marketing
Develop partnerships to improve Jordan’s approach to international markets
Strengthen niche, segmented, and product marketing initiatives
Build sector capacity to plan and market tourism effectively

The adopted overall strategic approach is based on “destination marketing.” While Jordan itself is the overarching destination, JTDII will promote important sub-destinations with attractions for various visitor segments, particularly Amman, Aqaba, the Dead Sea cluster, and Petra. JTDII will support promotion of the Jordan destination through JTB and tour operators, and work with local DMCs to promote sub-destinations. This will help to strengthen tourism destination and product marketing for Jordan.


15 March 2012

In order to enhance the promotion and selling of Jordan in the US, Performance Media Group received USAID/Siyaha support to help establish an institute for travel agents specialized in Jordan. The...

29 November 2009

Support the annual parade to be one of a number of mega events to be held in Amman to promote Amman as a destination city for tourists and visitors as mandated by the Amman Destination marketing...

01 November 2009

To address the shortage in local qualified professionals in the hospitality sector, a grant was given to Royal Academy for Culinary Art (RACA) in order to increase awareness of RACA...

15 September 2009

This grant is a JD 67,353 that aims at building employees' capacity, enhancing tourism marketing and strengthening private associations working in tourism. In an attempt to strengthen JRA outreach...

04 June 2009

Jordan Federation of Tourism Association obtained a grant support in order to update the National Tourism Strategy through provision of managerial and administrative efforts facilitating the...